Contract Terms
Working Hours:

The daily working tenure of our guarding personnel shall be of eight hour duration. However in certain specific operational are as owing to various inherent factors viz, remoteness scarce availability of trained manpower or the existing wage structure, our guarding personnel shall perform their duties on twelve hours shift basis.

Periodical Checks

Our Representative / Field Executive carryout surprise checks of your premises during day and night intermittently in order to supervise the performance and turnout of our security personnel and to suggest the precautionary measures to be adopted by them from time to time.

Functioning Tools

During the pendency of the contract, for systematic security functioning at the client’s location, the client shall provide our guarding personnel, with a proper Security Cabin, Tables, Chairs, Torches(with Battery Back Up), Stationery items and Documentation tools etc.


We will replace or change any of our security personnel as and when required by you. We will be responsible to rotate the personnel periodically if you so desire. The frequency rotation will be naturally decided upon your convenience requirement.

Billing & Payment

We shall be billing the client on the 1st of every month and any less/extra duties actually performed, will be adjusted in the subsequent month’s bills. For ensuring timely payments to our guarding personnel, payment of our bills shall be released on or before 5th of every month by Cheque/D.D. drawn in favour of "Good Will Security Services".

Termination of Contract

Terminate the contract instantaneously on clearance of our full and final dues plus one month notice charges vide demand draft only. If we do not receive the contract Termination Letter at least one month prior to our contract expiry date, the contract shall automatically stand renewed for a further period of one year with enhancement of 15% from the existing rates.